Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jessie Pavelka is an American fitness model, personal trainer, actor and television presenter. He currently presents Lifetime's DietTribe in the US (broadcast on Sky Real Lives in the UK) and has appeared on Friday Night Lights. Pavelka resides in Los Angeles, California. Pavelka had been involved in athletics from an early age; his Mom took him to the track from 4th grade and he played football in both his senior year and at college, although he later gave this up after sixteen years devoted to the sport. This choice allowed him to put more effort into health and fitness. Recently increased his media profile via his work on television's DietTribe. He originally didn't want to do a reality show, but realised DietTribe's concept could have a significant impact on its audience. His agent, Gar Lester, suggested he audition - which also involved him putting together a diet and exercise program. The first series was shown on Lifetime from January 5th 2009 10/9c and a second series has been airing since October 2nd 2009 and thanks also to Wikipedia for the support, all photos are copyright to their rightful owners.