Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matt Woods

Matt Woods, born in 1983, in Portland, Oregon, is an American model. Woods studied at Arizona State University business and graduated with a B. A. in Business Administration. He continued training and eventually coached competitive gymnastics nationwide before moving to San Diego. Woods was unexpectedly thrust into the modeling world when he was chatting over coffee with his friend Garrison and expressed his interest in the "Rufskin" Product. He recalled, "He told me he worked for them and I should come and see him at the office. To be quite honest I was merely looking to score a free pair of booty shorts or some cute underwear." But to his surprised, the company was more interested in him. Woods was quickly signed to do a photo shoot. His talent as a model shined on his very first photo shoot. After working with "Rufskin," he was able to really spread his wings in the world of modeling and thanks also to Wikipedia for the support, all photos are copyright to their rightful owners.